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ABOUT Maverick Business Academy-London & MG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

MG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED (MGBS) is the preferred company in Ghana with a passion for business growth that provides Outsourcing services, with many years of experience. Our services are on Education and training of Corporate Staff, Outsourcing, Facility Management, Staff Management, and many more. Our mission as a company is to provide value to our esteemed clients through Integrity, Professionalism, and Excellent Customer Relationship.

As a company that is focused on human capital development and empowerment; our goal for the latter part of each year, is to embark more on staff Education, Corporate training and development, recognition and presentation of special awards to excellent Management and Leadership by CEO’S and Entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in their industry.

The Awarding Institution; SWISS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION (SSBMI) is an innovative International Business School with highly experienced Lecturers from some of the most prestigious Universities in the world. To provide quality education, the Swiss School uses a top-notch educational platform that is also used by Harvard and MIT to enhance the online learning experience of their students.
Please, discover and know more about the awarding Institution and their programmes by visiting their website.


1. A colourful ceremonial Sashe from the Swiss School of Business and Management for the CEO (for keeps).
2. An Honorary Certificate from the Swiss School of Business and Management.
3. Companies and their businesses will be published on the platform of Swiss School of Business and Management.
4. A crystal diplomat plaque from Swiss school of business and Management, Switzerland
5. Souvenirs from Swiss School of Business and Management & MG Business Solutions
6. A framed picture of the nominated CEO (To be given after two weeks)
7. A Cocktail Dinner for the CEO and Staff

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.


1. Three (3) staff will accompany the nominated CEO.
2. Pull up banner for display by nominated Company.

4th September 2021

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra

6:00 pm